Reach the unreachable
with autonomous drones

We create a digital copy of the real world with our autonomous drones. We enable safe inspections and give you sight where you cannot see.

FieldRobotix offers a module that is attached to the drone enabling it with autonomous, accurate and efficient data capturing and safe inspections. No more dependency on GPS, radio connection or previous pilot experience.

Mining operations

Analyze after-blasting gasses, inspect stockpiles and make 3D-mappings of limited areas.

Pulp and paper

Run operations remote, safe and efficiently by removing risky manual manoeuvres.


Plan infrastructure and maintenance work by autonomous data collection.


Cover acres of forest in one flight, make damage reports and quality controls.


High level of autonomy

Our drones do not need human attention or radio connection. Still, they have a very high level of obstacle avoidance.

Modular design

With our flexible solutions, you can mount and combine the specific sensors needed for your next mission.

No fixed infrastructure

Without the need for fixed infrastructure to perform autonomous missions, you can reduce costs and maintenance work.

Accurate data collection

Our technology enables accurate data collection. Every report can be presented as a PDF, 3D model or point cloud.

Inspect, plan and improve

Get to know every
millimeter of your site

The capabilities of our autonomous drones allow companies to safely inspect the indoor, beyond reach and restricted areas that otherwise would have been left unknown. What do you want to see?

FieldRobotix in the mine

At FieldRobotiX, we are always looking for new ways to bring value to our customers. That is why we first listen to your needs and challenges, then add the correct features to match.