Scanning and inspections with autonomous drone technology.

FieldRobotix offers fully autonomous drones for accurate and reliable data capturing. Our solutions are made to fit any industry and requires no fixed infrastructure, radio connection or previous pilot experience.

FieldRobotix in the mine


Take control over the most challenging environments.

We have long experience from heavy industries and know the shortcomings of manual inspections and estimations. Drones from FieldRobotix offer you a true picture of the site, including general workspaces, restricted areas and confined spaces. Resulting in reduced downtime, inspection time, and employee risks.

Level 5 autonomy

Our drones do not need human attention or radio connection. Still, they have a very high level of obstacle avoidance.

Modular design

With our flexible solutions, you can mount and combine the specific sensors needed for you next mission.

No fixed infrastructure

Without the need for fixed infrastructure to perform autonoms missions, you can reduce costs and maintenance work.

Accurate data collection

Our technology enables accurate data collection. Every report can be presented as a PDF, 3D model or point cloud.

Mining Operations

By using autonomous drones, underground and open pit mines can improve daily work routines and make useful inspections in what used to be limited areas.


Ensure workers’ safety by eliminating the need of manual inspections.


Make safe and efficient 3D-mapping of tunnels, shafts and ore passes.

Gas measurements

Analyze after-blasting gasses without being close to the potential danger.

Volumetric measurements

Perform accurate on-demand and routine inspections of your stockpile inventory.

Pulp and paper

Manual industrial inspections involve risky maneuvers like climbing ladders, rope and rigs. FieldRobotix autonomous drones lets you run operations remote, safe and efficiently.

Volumetric measurements

Keep track of your supplies by accurate measurements of wood logs and wood chips.


Analyze the most critical areas of the plan without putting workers at risk.


Plan upcoming infrastructure and maintenance work by autonomous data collection. Analyze the geological environment to ensure the project’s progression.


Use your drone for precise 3D-scanning of tunnels, ventilation shaft, bridges.


Keep track of your worksite and inspect the most critical areas to ensure continued efficiency.


Forestries cover large areas and it can be hard to get a full picture. By using autonomous drones, you can quickly cover acres of forest, make damage reports and quality controls.

Map and survey

Map the woodlands to determine the biomass and know where to harvest.

Inspections and measurements

Let the drone inspect the area, measure density and do inventory work at the forestry.

Consultancy and safety

FieldRobotix drones are reliable tools for geology consultants and security officers. Make true analytics of the environment, and know what is happening at the plant in real-time.


The drone can be used as a tool to measure infrastructure, tunnels and bridges at a current project.


Keep an autonomous eye on the company plant and check for potential safety breaches.


What do you want to see?

The capabilities of our autonomous drones allow companies to safely inspect the indoor, beyond reach and restricted areas that otherwise would have been left unknown. What do you want to see?


Our drones meet the requirements of the fifth level of autonomy, and there is no need for human attention or radio connection.


Our story began in 2011 as a research project. Since then, we have fine-tuned our drones together with companies like LKAB and NASA.


Customer cases and demos show that FieldRobotix’s automated drones can reduce the time required for inspections by half.