New members have joined FieldRobotiX’s board

New members have joined FieldRobotiX’s board

Luleå, Sweden

We are happy to announce that FieldRobotiX has strengthened the board with new external board members. Their experience in technology, business strategy, and finance will be a strong contribution to accelerated growth. The new members are Mikael Nyström Senior Advisor Mobilaris Evolve and former CEO in Mobilaris Group and Mobilaris
MCE, Jens Lundqvist Financial advisor and director of the board Luleå Energi, and Niklas Grönberg, Managing Director at Nordic Strategy partner and previously head of development LTU Business and industrial goods expert at BCG.

FieldRobotiX believes in a future where the mining industry is safe and sustainable, where robots remove humans from working in high-risk areas in tunnels and shafts. FieldRobotiX delivers software that simplifies the management of data gathering and analysis when scanning the hard-to-reach and dangerous areas.

It’s all in the data
“We create a digital copy of the real world with our autonomous drones. We enable safe inspections and give you sight where you cannot see”
-Dariusz Kominiak, CEO at FieldRobotiX

“FieldRobotiX has a great potential to scale their offering globally in the mining industry as well in other industry segments. The deep skills coming from the spin-out of former researchers at The Luleå University of Technology create great opportunities for the future”
-Mikael Nyström, Director of the Board

On the photo from left: Jens Lundqvist, Niklas Grönberg, Dariusz Kominiak, Mikael Nyström