Nordic Innovation House

Nordic Innovation House

We at FieldRobotiX are happy to announce that we got accepted into the Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley!

The Nordic Innovation House (NIH) is a Silicon Valley incubator program designed to boost Nordic research-based tech projects and spin outs with international ambitions and potential. The incubator is able to offer a head start in the most relevant global innovation hubs. By offering a strong community, connections to the local ecosystem, and programs for acceleration, we support you to hit the ground running.

The NIH looked for IVA Top 100 supported projects for the last two years that were connected to research-based startups or spinouts from the Nordic countries that have international ambitions, a unique technology and focus on solutions that are relevant for the Silicon Valley ecosystem. 

The process was complex and out of thousands of start ups, 100 of the most promising startups were accepted to apply for the program. The Nordic Innovation House evaluated the startups and pre-qualified 10 who were encouraged to send another application, and eight teams did so. From those eight teams 4 were selected, of which one of these 4 was FieldRobotiX. 

The program is structured in two parts which consist of intense workshops, top of the line mentoring, partners, investors meetings and events which will give FieldRobotiX the necessary tools for further growth. The intended impact is to learn, identify and network, which is in line with the long term ambitions of the company. 

We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to IVA and to the Nordic Innovation House by underlining that we are humbled and proud to be selected by such a respected institution.